Dogan loves Kyushu.
Dogan believes in Kyushu.
Dogan works hard for Kyushu.

What Japan deadly needs today for its coming future is areal diversification of economic power and prosperity inside the nation. Japan’s regional economy, which is weary, exhausted and struggling harshly now, must be revived rapidly and dramatically. And Kyushu, the southernmost area in Japan, is the first to be revitalized, because of its unique advantageous position in geographical location and industrial background.

Dogan, based in Kyushu, has fully committed itself to Kyushu economy at its foundation in 2004. Many Kyushu and non-Kyushu companies come to Dogan, asking for various supports in all the business requirements to elaborate their competitive edge, and harvest the fruits.

Dogan is here to support overseas businesses coming into Kyushu, Japan. Having a broad and powerful network in Kyushu business community and state-of-the-art financial technology, it offers a full line menu of investment opportunities and business development assistances in Kyushu.

Dogan is looking forward to seeing you soon and having a constructive discussion about promising future of your own business and Kyushu.


Fund Business

DOGAN Regional Funds(DRF)

  • Business Revitalization Fund
  • Buyout Fund for Business Succession
  • Venture Fund

Custom-Tailored Funds(CTF)

  • Setting up theme funds targeting individual companies and assets for investment

Advisory Business

  • M&A advice
  • Management Consulting
  • Support for devising business plans/ revitalization plans
  • Financial monitoring
  • Designing Capital policies
  • Formulating growth strategies・Support for making overseas advancements
  • Personal/ organization consulting
  • Training for managers/executives
  • Executive search (Qualities Offer)
  • Real estate advice (Real estate brokerage, CRE strategies)


April 2006 Established Challenge Kyushu Gambare Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises.
October 2006 Changed company names of CCQ and CCQPI to Dogan Advisors, Inc. and Dogan Investments, Inc, respectively.
Relocated head office to current address.
May 2007 Established Kyushu BRIDGE (Business Renewal Investments for Development Growing Economy) Fund.
June 2008 Established Kyushu BORELO (Buy Out for Local Enterprises & Reform Organization) Fund.
August 2008 Established Agri Cluster Fund.
September 2012 Established Kyushu Entrepreneur Club Fund.
November 2012 Designated as a small and medium enterprises support service provider.
June 2013 Established “Genki-na Nagasaki” Ouen Fund.
July 2013 Established 18 Rokujisangyouka Shien Fund.
August 2013 Established Helios Fund.
September 2013 Established Kyushu BOLERO2.
January 2014 Dogan Advisors, Inc. merged its subsidiary, Dogan Investments, Inc. and changed company name to Dogan, Inc.
November 2015 Established a ship investment fund, “DG MOMO INVESTMENTS S.A.
February 2016 Established Dogan Executive, Inc., an executive search subsidiary.
January 2017 Established Dogan Beta, Inc., a venture capital subsidiary.
February 2017 Dogan Beta established Kyushu Entrepreneur Club2 Fund.
September 2017 Established Cyfuse SKND Fund.
October 2017 Established Kyushu Setouchi Potential Value Fund.


Shin-Nihon Building 2F, 2-4-22, Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-city 810-0041 Fukuoka, JAPAN
TEL 81-92-739-2311 / FAX 81-92-793-2317 / Email:info@dogan.jp


50,000,000 Japanese Yen


  • President & CEO: Daisuke Mori
  • Member of the Board: Miku Oda
  • Member of the Board: Kazunao Ito
  • Member of the Board: Yoshihiko Fukami
  • Auditor: Akiro Kanegura
  • Auditor: Hiroshi Eto


    • Head of Fukuoka Local Finance Branch Bureau No.101(Investment Management Business, The second financial instruments business,Investment advisory and agency business)
    • Real Estate Brokerage Issued by Fukuoka Prefectual Governor No. (1) 19812
    • License for Fee Charging Employment Placement Businesses  40-ユ-300550
    • Money lender business registration number Issued by Fukuoka Prefectual Governor (3) 08684